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Back Porch Refresh & A New Plan

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Hi there!! Sharing about a quick refresh plan for our back porch, which has been in progress for several years now. I haven't written an actual blog post in so long so bear with me as I am a little out of practice. I'll keep this short & sweet today. You can check out some before photos from way, way back in this post. Since then, we have replaced our deck railing, primed the railing, stained our deck gray, built a table, added curtains & replaced the patio cushions. Here is my inspiration board. I just can't get enough of green, black and white together with wood tones. You can also check out my Pinterest board here if you need some inspiration for your next project.

Below are some photos of where I am starting at now. First, the deck needs a good power wash and then I am going to complete the paint on the railing and roof. The table base will be going white, the plant stand will be going black along with the conversation set. You can't tell from theses photos but the paint is flaking pretty bad. I'll be sharing the progress on the little projects on my instagram stories so feel free to follow along there. The wood crate might find its way inside to my living room, but I have a smaller table in mind for this area anyway.

The big gray pot will hopefully be filled with an olive tree which I am currently on the hunt for. I will also be building a gate for our stairway to prevent our backyard chickens from getting on the porch. To the right of the back door, I will be building a boot/shoe rack for our muddy shoes to hang out on. I've got a couple old windows & some shutters that I would like to hang above the loveseat to add some privacy. Also, I have an idea for a movie projector screen and a pull down shelf to use with a projector we got for Christmas. A few small updates, a couple DIYs and a little bit of cozy is all this space needs to be just right for our family. Before I say bye for now though, I have to share a product that has changed the game for me. VINYL SIDING HOOKS!! Did you know those were an actual thing??

We have vinyl siding on our house and drilling into it is so permanent and not easily repaired plus can cause cracking, so when I came across these babies I had to give them a try. Below you can see where I've used them to hang a window screen, antique water well cups & a wood sign. I am looking forward to using these when Christmas comes around! Game changer for sure so I had to share!!

I also found this type which I plan to use to hang the boot rack I am creating. Great for items that need a nail or screw to hang rather than just a hook. Hope this helps someone who might run into the vinyl siding issue of hanging decor outdoors like I did.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! We are trying to make the best of it here in Central Texas.

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